North Bowens Canyon is the perfect fusion of adventure and beauty, ideal for those intermediate/advanced canyoneers chasing a grand day-out. Impressive abseils and rock-jumps guide you into the magnificent narrow-sided lower section of the canyon – rich with wildlife and flora. No matter whether you canyon for views or thills, North Bowens is destined to leave you wanting more…

Hiking down from the Mount Wilson Plateau into a lush gully of fern-life, Bowens Creek greets you with pristine flowing water at its entrance. Time to gear up! Once in the canyon, a series of abseils, narrow swims and rock jumps up to 8 metres (optional) lead you to a sunny pool for lunch. The narrowest, and prettiest, section of the canyon still lays ahead – involving short rock scrambles and swims. Between the walls of the canyon, the sandstone architecture decorated with hanging flora and beams of sunlight will leave you breathless.

Spot crayfish feeding in crystal-clear pools or take in the surrounding birdlife, before beginning the hike out. The hike out takes 1.5 hours, with some sections rock scrambling and majority of it on a well established trail.

Is this canyon for me?

You and all members of your party must have previously completed one of our Canyoning Tours before and been deemed suitable for Claustral Canyon.

Expectations: Adventurous activities are tough – you must expect the possibility of, at times, being uncomfortable, wet, cold, tired and scared.

Don’t book this tour without first discussing what the tour involves with all members of your group and checking they meet the fitness requirements.

Difficulty: Suitable only for very fit people. Must be prepared for an extremely long uphill hike after a long canyon.

You and everyone in your party must be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Can you swim short distances/ are you comfortable in water?
  • Do you exercise regularly and/or have a physically active job?
  • Are you in good shape and/or have good stamina?
  • Are you capable of walking up steep inclines and on rocky and uneven terrain, while carrying a pack, for an extended period of time?

Recommended Lead-up adventures:

Length: 6 – 7 hours

Included: Lunch, all necessary canyoning equipment, qualified canyoning guide, safety instruction including on abseiling techniques.

Meeting location: 20 Wynnes Lookout Road, Mount Wilson.

  • 2-3 abseils

  • Short swims

  • Rock Jumps Up To 8 Metres (Optional)

  • Narrow constrictions

  • Incredible scenery

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