Empress Canyon

This canyon experience is a perfect way to be introduced to canyoning. The canyon consists of majestic rainforest scenery with rock jumps from 2m up to 5m and the finale breath-taking 30m abseil down a raging waterfall! The longest swim required to complete is approxiamtely 10m. You will be provided with a thick, warm wetsuit, canyoning harness, backpack and a helmet. Once you are geared up, we give you abseil preparation training, then off we go to start our journey into the depths of the canyon!

Those 30m abseils in the morning will give you a taste of what to expect when you then tackle Empress Canyon, in the neighbouring Jamison Valley, in the afternoon. The best loved of the Blue Mountains’ many slot canyons, the highlight of Empress is a 30m abseil down the stunning waterfall at the end of the canyon.

Before you get to the waterfall, you will have already gasped at the canyon’s beautiful rainforest and sculptured rock, clambered over boulders, leaped into deep pools, and spied bright orange crayfish.
For the canyon you will also wear a wetsuit to protect you from its always cool waters and there are some short swims involved. With floatation aids and our expert guides we can offer Empress to even weak swimmers and non-swimmers.
The hike into and out of the canyon is steep but not too long, although you always want to make sure you have a bottle of water with you to quench your thirst when we stop on the way out to rest and admire the view from a stunning lookout over this unique World Heritage-listed landscape.

Malaita Wall

Huge abseils, epic heights, stunning views!
Go all the way from the top of the cliffs bordering the Jamison valley and down into the amazing rainforest floor below. In 6 stages you will leave your heart racing as you descend from huge heights down to the very bottom of the escarpment. The first abseil for the day is a massive 45m abseil down a completely vertical rock wall. All you need to conquer this challenge is a good head for heights!
If you require transport then the average time to complete the entire activity is 4-6 hours.
No experience required.

Challenge your instincts!

Conquer your fear of heights with this high adrenalin and altitude tour. The journey begins from the top of an escarpment high above the valley floor. In 6 stages you will descend a total of more than 200 metres.

  • Abseil #1: 45m
  • Abseil #2: 28m
  • Abseil #3: 35m
  • Abseil #4: 35m
  • Abseil #5: 12m
  • Abseil #6: 35m

Difficulty: Suitable for beginners that are comfortable around heights.

Requirements: Moderate level of fitness, good general health, comfortable in water.

Length: Approximately 6-7 hours.

Included: Lunch, all canyoning equipment, qualified canyoning guide, safety instruction including abseiling techniques.

Meeting location: Bus parking area at the Corner of Cliff Dr & Violet St, Katoomba.

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