Claustral canyon is an amazing piece of history. For over a million years it has remained locked in a time capsule away from outside interference. It boasts a rich environment, full of life and greenery. This canyon has been described as one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

You will be amazed at what this canyon has to offer. 4 Abseils will take you into the depths of the canyon. These abseils are relatively easy and involve abseiling through the ‘Black Holes of Calcutta’. There is also a lot of boulder hoping and maneuvering your way through the rugged terrain. Short swims are common throughout the tour with the longest being 50m.

This canyon is very long and difficult, the exit track alone taking on average 4 hours. People who are fit, keen and are looking for a big adventure will find this to be one of the most rewarding canyoning tours available.

Is this canyon for me?

You and all members of your party must have previously completed one of our Canyoning Tours before and been deemed suitable for Claustral Canyon.

Expectations: Adventurous activities are tough – you must expect the possibility of, at times, being uncomfortable, wet, cold, tired and scared.

Don’t book this tour without first discussing what the tour involves with all members of your group and checking they meet the fitness requirements.

Difficulty: Suitable only for very fit people. Must be prepared for an extremely long uphill hike after a long canyon.

You and everyone in your party must be able to answer yes to the following questions:

  • Can you swim short distances/ are you comfortable in water?
  • Do you exercise regularly and/or have a physically active job?
  • Are you in good shape and/or have good stamina?
  • Are you capable of walking up steep inclines and on rocky and uneven terrain, while carrying a pack, for an extended period of time?

Recommended Lead-up adventures:

Length: Approximately 8 to 12 hours.

Availability: During daylights savings time only.

Included: Lunch, all necessary canyoning equipment, qualified canyoning guide, safety instruction including on abseiling techniques.

Meeting location: Corner of Bells Line of Road and Rainbow Ravine Road.

  • 4 abseils

  • Short swims

  • Abseil through the Black Holes of Calcutta

  • Narrow constrictions

  • Incredible scenery

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