If you are unsure about your abilities and would rather take your time to learn how to abseil, then this tour is the one for you.

With our expert guides at your side the entire time, they will slowly coach you to take those first steps over the edge. Within no time you will find yourself bouncing down the walls with complete confidence.

Narrow Neck Plateau (Blue Mountains)

In the Dreamtime legend of the Gundungurra people of the Blue Mountains, much of the incredible landscape was created by an epic conflict between two giant mythical creatures, Gurangatch and Mirragan. As they chased and fought each other, they gouged out the deep valleys and pushed up the rocky peaks. And today we are left with the likes of Narrow Neck – a ribbon-like ridge of towering sandstone that separates the mighty Jamison and Megalong valleys.

These are cliffs that inspire awe and invite adventure.

On the Megalong Valley side of Narrow Neck is a site with magical views and a range of cliffs that are perfect for your first abseiling adventure.

Here Eagle Rock Adventures will get you into your harness and helmet and bouncing down cliffs with the depths of the Megalong plunging hundreds of metres below you.

Abseil is a German word that literally means “down rope”.

There’s some gentle 5m cliffs to get you started with expert tuition from our guides, then you can up the adrenalin factor on 15m and 30m abseils if you want to. The beauty of single-pitch abseiling is that it’s not as fast-paced as the multi-pitch options, which gives you more time to get a head for heights and improve your technique. It’s just a short walk from the bottom of each abseil back to the top so you can repeat the smaller abseils until you feel ready to tackle the bigger ones. This makes it ideal for families with children who have never abseiled before. And if you love the bigger abseils, it’s easy to repeat them as well.

Alternate Abseiling locations include:

Mt Boyce – Blackheath
Mt York – Mt Victoria

  • 6-8 Abseils
  • Short walk back to the top
  • Beautiful views

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