Huge abseils and stunning views. Conquer your fear of heights with this high adrenalin and altitude tour. No experience required.

Malaita Wall is an awe-inspiring wedge of rock on the edge of Katoomba where we do our abseiling. From the top of the Jamison Valley cliffs that stand about 1000m above sea level – with magical views across to The Three Sisters, Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary – we start our descent of more than 200m to the ancient rainforest of the valley floor far below. The first abseil drop is a breathtaking 45m followed by 28m, 35m, 35m, 12m and then another 35m abseil to finish things off. As you descend you’ll be surrounded by the special flora, fauna, geology, scenic splendour and Aboriginal legends that earned the Blue Mountains World Heritage status in 2000.

Difficulty: Suitable for beginners that are comfortable around heights.

Length: Approximately 4 hours.

Included: All canyoning equipment, qualified canyoning guide, safety instruction including on abseiling techniques.

Meeting Location: Bus parking area at the corner of Cliff Dr & Violet St, Katoomba.

  • Abseil #1: 45m
  • Abseil #2: 28m
  • Abseil #3: 35m
  • Abseil #4: 35m
  • Abseil #5: 12m
  • Abseil #6: 35m

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