Kanangra Main canyon is the biggest and most difficult canyoning experience we offer. Mastery of active abseiling technique is required. You must have a great level of motivation to undertake this activity.

The canyon itself is completed in one very long day.  Starting with an early morning hike at first light, we navigate our way along a track that offers amazing views of the canyon below. On just the first three abseils alone you will descend 150 meters.

One abseil after the other you will quickly find yourself in the depths of the canyon and stare in amazement at the awesome backdrop of the gigantic rock walls you have just descended. There are 13 abseils varying in height, the majority of them through very high waterfalls. There is a lot of boulder hopping and exciting rock jumps in between all of the abseils.

The exit from the canyon is long, extremely steep and very exhausting.

If you are up for this challenge, you will find this experience to be one of the most epic available.

Is this canyon for me?

Difficulty: High – Suitable only for very fit, keen adventurers.

Requirements: High degree of fitness, health and stamina. Participants must have mastered active abseiling technique, be surefooted and comfortable around heights.

You and all members of your party must have previously completed one of our Canyoning Tours before and been deemed suitable for Kanangra Main.

Recommended Lead-up adventures:

Length: Up to 12 hours.

Availability: During daylights savings time only.

Included: Lunch, all necessary canyoning equipment, qualified canyoning guide, safety instruction including on abseiling techniques.

  • 13 abseils

  • Short swims

  • High rock jumps

  • Epic scenery

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